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NVIDIA today released a news release to pre-empt the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds games in the new desert map of 5 game screenshots, and said to celebrate the desert map will be released, through the GeForce Experience program randomly presented 5,000 groups of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game serial number to the member players.

The 5 screenshots revealed by NVIDIA this time show that the landscape of the desert map is very different from the previous “Jedi Island” (Erangel), and that in the war-torn urban areas, there are many damaged high-rise buildings and a mall square. In the suburbs is a barren, people like to stay in the western scene, which has a large expanse of wilderness areas, scattered scattered small villages, warehouses and bungalows.

Wells, canyons, towers and cranes are all suitable as cover for ambushes, while in the more densely populated urban areas the available supplies should be collected as much as possible. Wilderness areas, of course, are the battlefield of the final duel, and when the remaining numbers are young, the game will gradually force you to go to an open area where there is no hiding.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert map, NVIDIA will release 5,000 free “Jedi survival” to GeForce experience members. The game serial number will be sent out randomly on November 21 through the GeForce Experience program.

“PUBG Buy Experience” – How to buy Games CD Key / Start games

  • 1. First register an account on the steam.
  • 2. Download and install Steam main program, and login to your account.
  • 3. Come to the store page to buy Playerunknown’s battlegrounds, click Add Cart > for personal use.
    The next step is to enter a credit card, or otherwise buy paypal/bitcoin.

    • 3-1. Or buy game key> game serial number start link, point card to start game > Wallet point card stored value link.
    • 3-2. Now you can ask a good friend with a credit card to help you buy a digital gift card (vapor card), directly on the steam gift.
  • 4. You will find that you have just bought the game is already in your search in the library, you can click on him to start the download.
  • 5. Download a good game, after installation to confirm that the game can be opened normally can start eating chicken! ~

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